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028 00 L3K 86030|bLegacy/Sony Wonder 
028 00 LK 26287|bLegacy/Sony Wonder 
028 00 LK 26288|bLegacy/Sony Wonder 
028 00 LK 26289|bLegacy/Sony Wonder 
028 00 L3K 91001|bLegacy/Sony Wonder 
028 00 LK 86287|bLegacy/Sony Wonder 
028 00 LK 86288|bLegacy/Sony Wonder 
028 00 LK 86289|bLegacy/Sony Wonder 
028 02 L3K 86030|bLegacy 
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050 00 RZA 7743 
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082 04 781.583|223 
245 00 Songs from the Street :|b35 years of music. 
260    New York, NY :|bLegacy/Sony Wonder,|cp2003. 
300    3 sound discs :|bdigital ;|c4 3/4 in. 
336    performed music|bprm|2rdacontent 
337    audio|bs|2rdamedia 
338    audiodisc|bsd|2rdacarrier 
500    Legacy/Sony Wonder: L3K 86030 (LK 26287--LK 26289). 
500    Includes 25 previously unreleased tracks. 
500    Compact discs; in box (27 cm.). 
500    Program notes by Christopher Cerf and lyrics (66 p. : 
       ill.) included. 
505 00 |tSesame Street theme|r(the Kids) --|tABC-DEF-GHI|r(Big 
       Bird) --|tBein' green|t(Kermit the Frog) --|tSing|r(the 
       Kids) --|tFive song|r(the Kids) --|tFive people in my 
       family|r(the Anything Muppets) --|tPeople in your 
       neighborhood|r(Bob and the Anything Muppets) --|tHenson 
       king of eight|r(Jim Henson) --|tHi de ho man|r(Cab 
       Calloway and the Two-headed Monster) --|tHow do you do?
       |r(Lena Horne and Grover) --|tOver, under, around, and 
       through|r(Grover) --|tLadybugs' picnic --|tSomebody come 
       and play|r(the Kids) --|tJellyman Kelly|r(James Taylor and
       the Kids) --|tJust the way you are|r(Billy Joel and Oscar 
       the Grouch) --|tEverybody sleeps|r(Joe Raposo) --|tRubber 
       duckie|r(Ernie) --|tDoin' the pigeon|r(Bert) --|tMe and 
       Julio down by the schoolyard|r(Paul Simon and kid) --
       |tSweet-a little baby|r(Pete Seeger and the Kids) --|t1-2-
       3 Sesame Street|r(Stevie Wonder) --|tPinball number count
       |r(the Pointer Sisters) --|tI've got two|r(Big Bird, Oscar
       the Grouch, Mr. Hooper, and everybody) --|tI love trash
       |r(Oscar the Grouch) -- 
505 80 |tNasty Dan|r(Johnny Cash and Oscar the Grouch) -- Sing 
       after me|r(Madeline Kahn and Grover) --|tCaptain Vegetable
       |r(Captain Vegetable with Eddie and Andy) --|tAfrican 
       alphabet|r(Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Kermit the Frog) --
       |tB.B. King|r(B.B. King, with Bert, Bennie Rabbit, Big 
       Bird, and Baby Bear) --|tC is for cookie|r(Cookie Monster)
       --|tKiko and the lavender moon|t(Elmo and the lavender 
       moon)|r(Los Lobos) --|tSweet in the morning'|t(Tweet in 
       the mornin')|r(Bobby McFerrin with the Birds) --|tSmall 
       people|r(Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers with Prairie 
       Dawn and Big Bird) --|tImagination|r(Ernie with Big Bird 
       and the cast) --|tFrom your head|r(Diane Schuur with Elmo)
       --|tWhat's the name of that song?|r(the cast) --|tThe 
       batty bat|r(the Count with Ftatateeta and the Bats) --
       |tMah Na Mah Na|r(Mah Na Ma Na) --|tLittle things|r(Tony 
       Bennett with Lexine) --|tOne small voice|r(the Kids, Hoot 
       the Owl, Prairie Dawn) --|tI don't want to live on the 
       moon|r(Aaron Neville and Ernie) --|tThis frog|r(Kermit the
       Frog) --|tI love trash|r(Steven Tyler) --|tTwo princes
       |r(Spin Doctors with Zoe, Elmo, and Telly) --|tLike the 
       way I do|t(Like the way U does)|r(Melissa Etheridge) --
       |tBut I like you|r(Bert and Ernie) --|tTu me gustas =|tI 
       like you|r(Luis and Elmo) --|tMambo I, I, I|r(Gloria 
       Estefan) --|tMonster in the mirror|r(Grover) --|tHold my 
       hand|r(Hootie & the Blowfish with Elmo and the Kids) --
       |tI'm talkin' love|r(Trisha Yearwood and Herry Monster) --
       |tWe are all earthlings|r(a boy and the Anything Muppets) 
       --|tHappy to meet you|r(Celine Dion with Herry Monster, 
       Elmo, and Big Bird) --|tShiny happy people|t(Furry happy 
       monsters)|r(R.E.M and Muppet Rocker) --|tBelieve in 
       yourself|r(*NSYNC) --|tA new way to walk|r(Destiny's Child
       with Elmo, Grover, and Zoe) -- Elmo's song|r(Elmo, Big 
       Bird, and Snuffleupagus) --|tSlide (Pride)|r(Goo Goo Dolls
       and Elmo) --|tSing|r(Dixie Chicks) --|tJust happy to be me
       |r(Fugees) --|tPut down the duckie|r(Ernie and Hoots the 
       Owl) --|tEverybody be yo'self|r(Keb' Mo' and the Kids) --
       |tSesame Street theme remix|r(Ursula 1000). 
511 0  The Muppets, other cast members, and special guests of the
       Sesame Street television program. 
650  0 Children's songs, English|zUnited States. 
650  0 Television music|zUnited States. 
710 2  Muppets (Musical group)|4prf 
730 0  Sesame Street (Television program) 
994    C0|bCIB 
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