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245 00 More pocket poems /|cselected by Bobbi Katz ; illustrated 
       by Deborah Zemke. 
250    1st ed. 
260    New York :|bDutton Children's Books,|cc2009. 
300    28 p. :|bcol. ill. ;|c28 cm. 
505 00 |tPut the world in your pocket /|rBobbi Katz  --|tIs it 
       robin o'clock? /|gfrom|tMarch /|rby Emily Dickinson --
       |tJosé in spring: la primavera /|rJorge Torres --|tSpring 
       /|rPrince Redcloud  --|tRain dance /|rBobbi Katz|gfrom
       |tApril rain song /|rLangston Hughes --|tLet's count the 
       raindrops /|rAlan Benjamin  --|tRain /|rAnonymous --
       |tTeresa's red adidas /|rPaul B. Janeczko --|tJump rope 
       jingle /|rTraditional  --|gfrom|tSidewalk singer /|rMonica
       Kulling  --|gfrom|tThe last day of school /|rPatricia 
       Hubbell  --|tThe key /|rArnold Lobel  --|gfrom Kite caper 
       /|gMonica Kulling --|tThe octopus /|rX. J. Kennedy  --
       |tJosé in summer: el verano /|rJorge Torres  --|gfrom|tSea
       shell /|rAmy Lowell  --|tThe sea /|rAnonymous  --|tAugust 
       ice cream cone poem /|rPaul B. Janeczko --|tSummer /|rMyra
       Cohn Livingston --|gfrom|tMathematickles! /|rBetsy Franco 
       --|gfrom|tThe lawn sprinkler /|rConstance Levy --
       |tButterfly /|rBenjamin Franklin --|tThe praying mantis /
       |rDouglas Florian --|tCaterpillars /|rAileen Fisher --
       |tJosé in fall: el otoño /|rJorge Torres --|tHappy apple /
       |rAnonymous --|gfrom|tJumps about /|rGeorge Barker --|tThe
       taste of purple /|rLeland Jacobs --|tSwallow /|rChristina 
       Rossetti --|tThe aspen tree /|rBobbi Katz --|tSunset /
       |rLilian Moore --|tThree ghostesses /|rAnonymous --
       |tSkeleton parade /|rJack Prelutsky --|tRags /|rJudith 
       Thurman --|gfrom|t"Macbeth" song of the witches /|rWilliam
       Shakespeare --|tMaking a house /|rJosephine Preston 
       Peabody --|tJosé in winter: il invierno /|rJorge Torres --
       |gfrom|tThe night chant /|rNavajo Tribe --|tA winter 
       thought /|rBobbi Katz --|gfrom|tWinter morning /|rOgden 
       Nash --|tRead this with gestures /|rJohn Ciardi --|gfrom
       |tMore opposites /|rRichard Wilbur. 
520    Presents an additional collection of poems short enough to
       be carried in one's pocket, by such authors as Patricia 
       Hubbell, Emily Dickinson, Amy Lowell, Alan Benjamin, Jorge
       Torres, and Ogden Nash. 
650  0 Children's poetry, American. 
650  1 Children's poetry, American. 
700 1  Katz, Bobbi. 
700 1  Zemke, Deborah,|eill. 
994    C0|bCIB 
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