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050 00 PZ8.1.H73|bDr 
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100 1  Hoke, Helen,|d1903-1990,|ecompiler. 
245 10 Dragons, dragons, dragons.|cPictures by Carol Barker. 
260    New York,|bF. Watts,|c1972. 
300    x, 240 p.|billus.|c25 cm. 
505 00 |tJabberwocky /|rLewis Carroll --|tDamian and the dragon /
       |rRuth Manning-Sanders --|tThe dragon and the stepmother /
       |rRuth Manning-Sanders --|tThe fabulous beasts /|rNicholas
       Stuart Gray --|tThe eastern dragon /|rJorge Luis Borges --
       |tThe daughter of the dragon king /|rFrances Carpenter --
       |tMarduk and the dragon /|rDonald A. Mackenzie --|tThe 
       story of St. George and the dragon /|rAmabel Williams-
       Ellis --|tKurage /|rB.L.K. Henderson and C. Calvert --
       |tBlack dragon and the red dragon /|rIgnacz KĂșnos --|tThe 
       dragon of Wantley /|rauthor unknown --|tThe shepherd and 
       the dragon /|rLilian Gask --|tThe dragon slayer /|rDruid 
       Grayl --|tThe dragon's tail /|rJohn Marks --|tThe prince 
       and the dragon /|rAndrew Lang --|tThe dragon of an 
       ordinary family /|rMargaret Mahy --|tThe dragon of Rhodes 
       /|rJennifer Westwood --|tThe deluded dragon /|rRuth 
       Manning-Sanders --|tThe hunting of the dragon /|rNicholas 
       Stuart Gray --|tKing dragon /|rClara Stroebe --|tThe 
       dragon of the north /|rAndrew Lang --|tThe dragon's 
       grandmother /|rJakob and Wilhelm Grimm --|tThe wyvern /
       |rBernard Henderson and Stephen Jones --|rDragon's 
       treasure /|rRaymond MacDonald Alden --|tThe dragon's rock 
       /|rLewis Spence --|tThe terrible-tempered dragon /|rRobin 
       Palmer --|tThe last of the dragons /|rE. Nesbit. 
520    A collection of tales from Europe and Asia about dragons. 
650  0 Dragons|vJuvenile fiction. 
650  1 Dragons|vFiction. 
650  1 Folklore. 
700 1  Barker, Carol. 
935    AAM-0127 
994    C0|bCIB 
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