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100 1  Haddock, Hiccup Horrendous,|cIII (Fictitious character),
245 10 Adventures with dragons :|ba pop-up history /|cby Hiccup 
       Horrendous Haddock III ; translated by Joshua Pruett ; 
       paper engineering by James Diaz ; illustrations by Artful 
246 3  DreamWorks Dragons :|badventures with dragons : a pop-up 
264  1 New York, N.Y. :|bInsight Editions,|c2019. 
300    1 volume :|bcolor illustrations ;|c29 cm. 
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336    still image|bsti|2rdacontent 
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338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Pop-up book. 
520    Soar alongside the Viking heroes and their majestic 
       dragons from all three of the DreamWorks Dragons films in 
       this ingeniously crafted pop-up book.  Relive the enduring
       story of Hiccup and Toothless as they get to know each 
       other on the Island of Berk, learn to trust and live 
       harmoniously, and grow into fearless leaders. Pushing 
       artistic boundaries to deliver a new type of immersive and
       engaging experience, DreamWorks Dragons: The Pop-Up Book 
       invites you to explore dragon lore and peek inside the 
       Hidden World from the upcoming film. Engage with six large
       pops, seven smaller pops, and a removable map woven into 
       beautifully illustrated artwork just waiting to be 
       explored. This absorbing new dimension in pop-up books is 
       sure to captivate both the collector and DreamWorks 
       Dragons fans of all ages. 
650  0 Dragons|vJuvenile fiction. 
650  0 Pop-up books|vSpecimens. 
700 1  Pruett, Joshua,|etranslator. 
710 2  Artful Doodlers Ltd.,|eillustrator. 
730 0  |iAdaptation of:|aDreamWorks Dragons (Television program) 
994    C0|bCIB 
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