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100 1  Rebscher, Susanne,|eauthor. 
245 10 Where's the artist? :|bfrom caves painting to modern art: 
       a look and find book /|ctexts by Susanne Rebscher ; 
       illustrations by Annabelle von Sperber. 
246 33 Where is the artist? 
264  1 Munich|aLondon|aNew York|bPrestel Publishing,|c2015. 
264  4 |c©2015 
300    1 volume of unnumbered pages :|bcolour illustrations ;|c40
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337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
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520    This book opens up entire historic periods to young 
       readers in double page spreads that are teeming with life 
       and drawn to teach them about artistic traditions. Each 
       spread represents a moment in history,capturing how art 
       was integrated into daily life and illustrating 
       contemporary styles, tools, and mediums. Children will 
       learn about cave paintings and what humans used for light 
       and why they painted so many animals and hunting scenes. 
       They'll find themselves in Ancient Greece, where deities 
       watch over a busy marketplace in front of the Parthenon. A
       cross-section of a medieval monastery, Leonardo's workshop,
       and a collection of 19th-century artists painting in 
       nature are just a few more of the examples, which take 
       readers through to the present day. 
650  0 Art|xHistory|vJuvenile literature. 
650  1 Picture puzzles. 
650  1 Art|xHistory. 
655  7 Picture puzzles.|2lcgft 
700 1  Sperber, Annabelle von,|eillustrator. 
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