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100 1  Rotne, Nikolaj Flor. 
240 10 Mindfulness i pædagogikken.|lEnglish 
245 10 Everybody present :|bmindfulness in education /|cNikolaj 
       Flor Rotne, Didde Flor Rotne. 
264  1 Berkeley, California :|bParallax Press,|c2013. 
300    141 pages :|billustrations ;|c23 cm 
336    text|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|2rdamedia 
338    volume|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 135-141). 
505 0  Introduction: A new approach to education -- Combining 
       personal and social change -- What is mindfulness? -- 
       Rediscovering our educational ideals -- From vicious 
       circle to virtuous circle -- Mindfulness as educational 
       practice -- How to practice mindfulness -- Deep breathing 
       creates inner calm -- Stress reduction through mindfuness 
       -- How mindfulness strengthens our relationships -- 
       Mindfulness and anger management -- Children and 
       mindfulness -- What mindfulness is not -- The insights of 
       mindfulness -- The revolution of Silence -- The somatic 
       markers -- Coherence -- Stress: when the amygdala runs 
       wild -- Mindfulness creates density in the brain's gray 
       matter -- Mirror neurons 
520    "Everybody Present seeks to create a new kind of culture 
       in our schools: one that counters stress and facilitates 
       learning. It reframes the student-teacher relationship, 
       showing teachers how to supplant antagonism and foster 
       strong relationships by planting seeds of mindfulness in 
       their students and encouraging them to embark on a 
       mindfulness practice of their own. Illustrating the 
       transformative effects of mindfulness on educators, 
       students, and their classrooms, Everybody Present shows 
       how mindfulness helps to strengthen inner peace and 
       prevent stress, foster contagious joy and an ethic of 
       altruism, improve understanding between student and 
       teacher, and fortify competence in educational relations. 
       A working manual addressed to everyone in the educational 
       universe, Everybody Present presents real-world 
       applications grounded in solid research. Stories, 
       exercises, and case studies demonstrate the effectiveness 
       of mindful practices across all areas of education. 
       Everybody Present is intended to contribute to the 
       creation of a culture throughout the educational system 
       writ large, working against stress and victim mentality to
       set in motion a revolution of silence, allowing each 
       individual the experience of inter-being, inner calm, and 
       joy. By exploring the challenges of teaching, Everybody 
       Present will help all educators transform feelings of 
       inadequacy into experiences of abundance"--|cProvided by 
650  0 Teacher-student relationships|xPsychological aspects. 
650  0 Reflective teaching. 
700 1  Rotne, Didde Flor. 
994    C0|bCIB 
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