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100 1  Williams, Colleen Madonna Flood,|eauthor. 
245 10 Jamaica /|cColleen Madonna Flood Williams. 
264  1 Philadelphia :|bMason Crest,|c[2016] 
300    63 pages :|billustrations, map ;|c21 cm. 
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490 0  Discovering the Caribbean. History, politics, and culture 
504    Includes bibliographical references (page 60) and index. 
505 0  Jamaica's jammin' geography -- "Land of wood and water" --
       A fluctuating economy -- "Out of many, one people" -- 
       Parishes and cities -- A calendar of Jamaican festivals --
520    Jamaica, the third-largest island in the Caribbean, is 
       located about 580 miles (933 km) south of Florida. 
       Christopher Columbus landed on the island in 1494 and 
       claimed it for Spain. However, Jamaica became a British 
       colony in 1665 and remained under British rule for nearly 
       300 years. Today, the island has a population of more than
       2.8 million, making it the third-largest English speaking 
       country in the Americas after the United States and 
       Canada. Jamaica is a beautiful island that each year draws
       millions of tourists to its tropical forests, colonial-era
       cities, and warm, sandy beaches. The island is also known 
       for exports of its natural resources, from sugar, coffee, 
       and bananas to bauxite, a mineral needed to make aluminum.
       Jamaican musical styles such as reggae and ska, which have
       become internationally popular, are a major cultural 
       export. There's a lot to discover about Jamaica! Each 
       title in this series contains color photos, maps, a 
       chronology of events related to the country, recipes, list
       of festivals, ideas for projects and reports, and back 
       matter including: an index, further reading lists for 
       books and internet resources, and a series glossary. Mason
       Crest s editorial team has placed Key Icons to Look for 
       throughout the books in this series in an effort to 
       encourage library readers to build knowledge, gain 
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       provide realistic and holistic perspectives. Text 
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       They challenge the reader s comprehension of the chapter 
       they have just read, while sending the reader back to the 
       text for more careful attention to the evidence presented 
       there. Research Projects are provided at the end of each 
       book and provide readers with suggestions for projects and
       reports that encourage deeper research and analysis. A 
       Series Glossary of Key Terms is included in the back 
       matter contains terminology used throughout the series. 
       Words found here broaden the reader s knowledge and 
       understanding of terms used in this field. 
651  0 Jamaica|vJuvenile literature. 
651  1 Jamaica. 
830  0 Discovering the Caribbean. 
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