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100 1  Bolden, Tonya,|eauthor. 
245 10 How to build a museum :|bSmithsonian's National Museum of 
       African American History and Culture /|cTonya Bolden. 
246 30 Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History 
       and Culture 
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264  1 New York :|bViking Childrens Books,|c[2016] 
300    1 volume (unpaged) :|bcolor illustrations ;|c26 cm 
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520    The first national museum whose mission is to illuminate 
       for all people, the rich, diverse, complicated, and 
       important experiences and contributions of African 
       Americans in America is opening. And the history of NMAAHC
       --the last museum to be built on the National Mall--is the
       history of America. The campaign to set up a museum 
       honoring black citizens is nearly 100 years old; building 
       the museum itelf and assembling its incredibly far-
       reaching collections is a modern story that involves all 
       kinds of people, from educators and activists, to 
       politicians, architects, curators, construction workers, 
       and ordinary Americans who donated cherished belongings to
       be included in NMAAHC's thematically-organized exhibits. 
       Award-winning author Tonya Bolden has written a 
       fascinating chronicle of how all of these ideas, ambitions,
       and actual objects came together in one incredible museum.
       Includes behind-the-scenes photos of literally "how to 
       build a museum" that holds everything from an entire 
       segregated railroad car to a tiny West African amulet worn
       to ward off slave traders. 
521 0  Grades 4-6. 
526 0  Accelerated Reader|bMG|c8.1|d2|e2|z186011 
610 20 National Museum of African American History and Culture 
       (U.S.)|vJuvenile literature. 
650  0 African Americans|xMuseums|zWashington (D.C.)|vJuvenile 
650  0 Historical museums|zWashington (D.C.)|xDesign and 
       construction|vJuvenile literature. 
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