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100 1  Bloomquist, Michael L. 
245 10 Skills training for struggling kids :|bpromoting your 
       child's behavioral, emotional, academic, and social 
       development /|cby Michael L. Bloomquist. 
260    New York :|bGuilford Press,|c©2013. 
300    ix, 275 pages :|billustrations ;|c27 cm 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |gMachine generated contents note:|tGetting Started and 
       Staying with It --|g1.|tStruggling Child: Understanding 
       Your Child's Behavioral-Emotional Problems --|g2.|tGetting
       Back on Track: Coming Up with a Skills-Building Plan for 
       Your Child and Family --|g3.|tTaking Care of Business: 
       Getting Going and Following Through --|tEnhancing Your 
       Child's Behavioral Development --|g4.|tDoing What You're 
       Told: Teaching Your Child to Comply with Parental 
       Directives --|g5.|tDoing What's Expected: Teaching Your 
       Child to Follow Rules --|g6.|tDoing the Right Thing: 
       Teaching Your Child to Behave Honestly --|g7.|tStaying 
       Cool under Fire: Managing Your Child's Protesting of 
       Discipline and Preventing Angry Outbursts --|tEnhancing 
       Your Child's Social Development --|g8.|tMaking Friends: 
       Teaching Your Child Social Behavior Skills --|g9.|tKeeping
       Friends: Teaching Your Child Social Problem-Solving Skills
       --|g10.|tThat Hurts!: Helping Your Child with Bullies --
       |g11.|tHanging with the "Right Crowd": Influencing Your 
       Child's Peer Relationships --|tEnhancing Your Child's 
       Emotional Development --|g12.|tLet It Out!: Teaching Your 
       Child to Understand and Express Feelings --|g13.|tYou Are 
       What You Think: Teaching Your Child to Think Helpful 
       Thoughts --|g14.|tStress Busters: Teaching Your Child to 
       Manage Stress --|tEnhancing Your Child's Academic 
       Development --|g15.|tSurviving School: Teaching Your Child
       to Manage Time, Organize, Plan, Review, and Stay on Task -
       -|g16.|tTeaming Up: Collaborating and Advocating for Your 
       Child at School --|tEnhancing Your Well-Being as a Parent 
       --|g17.|tYou Parent the Way You Think: Thinking Helpful 
       Thoughts to Enhance Parenting --|g18.|tCool Parents: 
       Managing Your Own Stress to Enhance Parenting --
       |tEnhancing Your Family's Well-Being --|g19.|tLet's Get 
       Together: Strengthening Family Bonds and Organization --
       |g20.|tWe Can Work It Out: Strengthening Family 
       Interaction Skills. 
520    If your child or teen's emotional or behavioral 
       difficulties are getting in the way of success at home, at
       school, or in social situations, this is the book for you.
       Systematic, sompassionate, and practical, the book is 
       grounded in state-of-the-art research. The road to 
       positive changes for your child and family starts here. 
650  0 Problem children|xBehavior modification. 
650  0 Problem children|xEducation. 
650  0 Behavior disorders in children|xTreatment. 
650  0 Parenting. 
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