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100 1  Janis-Norton, Noël,|eauthor. 
245 10 Calmer, easier, happier screen time :|bfor parents of 
       toddlers to teens: a guide to getting back in charge of 
       technology /|cNoël Janis-Norton. 
264  1 London, England :|bYellow Kite,|c2017. 
264  4 |c©2016 
300    xiv, 257 pages ;|c20 cm 
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338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Originally published: 2016. 
500    Includes index. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 241-246) and 
505 0  Section One: Why parents need to get back in charge -- 
       Getting back in charge -- The four screen issues -- How 
       big is our family's problem? -- The negative effects of 
       screen time -- Teens and preteens -- Why screen time is so
       addictive -- Why does getting back in charge feel so 
       difficult? -- Section Two: How to get back in charge of 
       the electronics in your home -- How to limit screen time -
       - Screen time as a reward -- How to decide on a screen 
       time reward plan for your family -- How to introduce the 
       new plan to your child -- Q & As -- Section Three: The 
       Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting strategies that will 
       make the new screen habits easier to establish -- 
       Descriptive Praise -- Strengthening your resolve -- 
       Preparing for Success -- Reflective Listening -- Improving
       cooperation with the Never Ask Twice method and action 
       replays -- Replacing screen time with other activities. 
520    Do you constantly find yourself battling to stop your kids
       spending hours in front of a screen? Whether it's a tv, an
       ipad, a pc or a playstation children are spending more and
       more time absorbed in the digital world and for most 
       parents it's a cause for concern. The most frequent 
       question parenting expert Noel Janis Norton is asked by 
       desperate parents is how to limit and manage screen time. 
       Parents know their children became aggressive and stressed
       after prolonged time on an electronic device, and they 
       know that it limits their child's willingness to do other 
       activities, yet they are at a loss of what to do about it.
       In Calmer Easier Happier Screen Time, Noel adapts her 
       proven parenting strategies to this most complex of areas.
       Using the latest scientific research to show just how 
       addictive the digital world can be for the developing 
       brain of a child, she using the calmer, easier, happier 
       techniques to help parents wean their children away from 
       their electronic devices and get back in charge. 
650  0 Parenting. 
650  0 Child rearing. 
650  0 Technology and children. 
650  0 Computers and children. 
650  0 Adjustment (Psychology) in children. 
650  0 Information technology. 
650  0 Computers and civilization. 
650  0 Internet and children. 
650  0 Children|xEffect of technological innovations on. 
650  7 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS|xParenting.|2bisacsh 
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