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245 00 Worlds of autism :|bacross the spectrum of neurological 
       difference /|cJoyce Davidson and Michael Orsini, editors. 
264  1 Minneapolis :|bUniversity of Minnesota Press,|c[2013] 
300    viii, 348 pages :|billustrations ;|c22 cm. 
336    text|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|2rdamedia 
338    volume|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |gIntroduction.|tCritical Autism Studies: Notes on an 
       Emerging Field /|rMichael Orsini and Joyce Davidson --
       |gPart I. Approaching Autism --|tAutism in an Age of 
       Empathy: A Cautionary Critique /|rPatrick McDonagh --
       |tAutism and the Posthuman /|rStuart Murray --
       |tCerebralizing Autism within the Neurodiversity Movement 
       /|rFrancisco Ortega --|tAutism as a Form of Biological 
       Citizenship /|rCharlotte Brownlow and Lindsay O'Dell --
       |gPart II. Researching the Politics and Practice of Care -
       -|tAutism and Genetics: Profit, Risk, and Bare Life /
       |rMajia Holmer Nadesan --|tCaring for Autism: Toward a 
       More Responsive State /|rKristin Bumiller --
       |tParticipatory Research with Autistic Communities: 
       Shifting the System /|rDora Raymaker and Christina 
       Nicolaidis --|gPart III. Diagnosis and Difference in 
       Autism --|tCapturing Diagnostic Journeys of Life on the 
       Autism Spectrum /|rSara Ryan --|tDivided or Opposed?: The 
       Level of Functioning Arguments in Autism Related Political
       Discourse in Canada /|rDana Lee Baker and Lila Walsh --
       |tAutism and Social Movements in France: A Comparative 
       Perspective /|rBrigitte Chamak and Beatrice Bonniau --
       |gPart IV. Cultural Productions and Representations of 
       Autism --|tNarrating Autism /|rMark Osteen --|tThe 
       Shifting Horizons of Autism Online /|rJoyce Davidson and 
       Michael Orsini --|tAutism and the Task of the Translator /
       |rKristina Chew --|t"All the Things I Have Ever Been": 
       Autoethnographic Reflections on Academic Writing and 
       Autism /|rDawn Eddings Prince. 
520    "Since first being identified as a distinct psychiatric 
       disorder in 1943, autism has been steeped in contestation 
       and controversy. Present-day skirmishes over the potential
       causes of autism, how or even if it should be treated, and
       the place of Asperger's syndrome on the autism spectrum 
       are the subjects of intense debate in the research 
       community, in the media, and among those with autism and 
       their families. Bringing together innovative work on 
       autism by international scholars in the social sciences 
       and humanities, Worlds of Autism boldly challenges the 
       deficit narrative prevalent in both popular and scientific
       accounts of autism spectrum disorders, instead situating 
       autism within an abilities framework that respects the 
       complex personhood of individuals with autism. A major 
       contribution to the emerging, interdisciplinary field of 
       critical autism studies, this book is methodologically and
       conceptually broad. Its authors explore the philosophical 
       questions raised by autism, such as how it complicates 
       neurotypical understandings of personhood; grapple with 
       the politics that inform autism research, treatment, and 
       care; investigate the diagnosis of autism and the 
       recognition of difference; and assess representations of 
       autism and stories told by and about those with autism. 
       From empathy, social circles, and Internet communities to 
       biopolitics, genetics, and diagnoses, Worlds of Autism 
       features a range of perspectives on autistic 
       subjectivities and the politics of cognitive difference, 
       confronting society's assumptions about those with autism 
       and the characterization of autism as a disability. 
       Contributors: Dana Lee Baker, Washington State U; Beatrice
       Bonniau, Paris Descartes U; Charlotte Brownlow, U of 
       Southern Queensland, Australia; Kristin Bumiller, Amherst 
       College; Brigitte Chamak, Paris Descartes U; Kristina Chew,
       Saint Peter's U, New Jersey; Patrick McDonagh, Concordia U,
       Montreal; Stuart Murray, U of Leeds; Majia Holmer Nadesan,
       Arizona State U; Christina Nicolaidis, Portland State U; 
       Lindsay O'Dell, Open U, London; Francisco Ortega, State U 
       of Rio de Janeiro; Mark Osteen, Loyola U, Maryland; Dawn 
       Eddings Prince; Dora Raymaker; Sara Ryan, U of Oxford; 
       Lila Walsh. "--|cProvided by publisher. 
650  0 Autism. 
650  0 Autism spectrum disorders. 
700 1  Davidson, Joyce,|d1971-|eeditor. 
700 1  Orsini, Michael,|d1967-|eeditor. 
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