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003    OCoLC 
005    20091023015710.0 
007    sd fungnn|||ee 
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040    NTG|cNTG|dDLC|dCIB 
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050 00 SDA 53053 
100 1  Melody, Cheryl. 
245 10 Let's pretend (& more!) /|c[Cheryl Melody (& friends)]. 
246 3  Let us pretend and more! 
260    Hopkinton, MA :|bCheryl Melody Productions,|cp2001. 
300    1 sound disc :|bdigital ;|c4 3/4 in. 
336    performed music|bprm|2rdacontent 
337    audio|bs|2rdamedia 
338    audiodisc|bsd|2rdacarrier 
490 1  A healthy values music, movement & imagination educational
       series ;|vvol. 2 
500    Children's songs with a specific teaching focus, such as 
       healthy values or imagination; written or arr. by Cheryl 
500    Statement of responsibility from container insert. 
500    "Parents' Choice Recommended, Parents' Choice Foundation"-
       -Container sticker. 
500    Compact disc. 
500    Composer and program notes in container. 
505 00 |tDown by the station: an imagination train ride!|g(live 
       class) --|tSmall-tall mouse|g(healthy values, imagination,
       live class) --|tI'm an amazing person today!|g(healthy 
       values, live class) --|tOld King Cole's birthday drama
       |g(healthy values, imagination) --|tHappy pretend birthday
       =|tFeliz cumpleanos|g(imagination; global/Spanish) --
       |tMuffin man ;|tCookie man|g(let's compose) --|tBaa baa 
       "polka dot" sheep|g(creativity) --|tBingo's day out
       |g(let's compose) --|tOld MacDonald|g(live class) --
       |tNature's celebration|g(sensory activity, earth 
       awareness) --|t"Hello" from around the world|g(listening 
       skills; multicultural) --|tAfonga alafaya|g(healthy 
       values; African) --|tBoom boom, it's so great to be silly!
       |g(live class) --|t3 little monkeys game|g(imagination, 
       time, movement) --|tMy little green bag|g(healthy values) 
       --|tRow your imagination boat|g(live class) --|tRow your 
       boat (a not-so-perfectly sung round, but fun!) ;|t3 cute 
       kids (formerly a mean round about 3 blind mice) ;|tSkit 
       skat dittin dat ;|tCalling all peace detectives!|g(healthy
       values) --|tOif'n Pripichok|g(global awareness; Yiddish 
       language) --|tABC song|g(live class) --|tDancing through 
       this world!|g(creative movement, dancing, listening 
       skills) --|tNothing time (a naptime operetta) ;|tLet's 
       have a parade! ;|tAnts go marching ;|tLet's march ;|tThis 
       old man ;|t1 planet parade|g(healthy values) --
       |tCaterpillar-butterfly|g(healthy values, imagination, 
       movement) --|tMusic in my heart|g("Little wheel a-
       turning"; African) --|tYou're very special|g(healthy 
       values theme song). 
511 0  Cheryl Melody, vocals ; with children's chorus and 
       assisting musicians. 
650  0 Children's songs|vJuvenile sound recordings. 
650  0 Values|xStudy and teaching (Elementary)|vSongs and music
       |vJuvenile sound recordings. 
650  0 Imagination in children|vSongs and music|vJuvenile sound 
830  0 Healthy values music, movement & imagination educational 
       series ;|vv. 2. 
994    C0|bCIB 
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