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100 1  Kampion, Drew. 
245 10 Waves :|bfrom surfing to tsunami /|cby Drew Kampion ; 
       illustrations by Jeff Petersen. 
250    [1st ed.]. 
260    Salt Lake City :|bGibbs Smith, Publisher,|c[c2005] 
300    79 p. :|bcol. ill. ;|c27 cm. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 76). 
505 0  Where do waves come from? -- Where in the universe are we?
       -- Tidal waves -- Wind and waves -- How do waves move? -- 
       Rogue waves -- Tsunami! -- River bore waves -- Types of 
       breaking waves -- Beach break waves -- Reef break waves --
       Point break waves -- Reef pass waves -- Riding waves -- 
       Surfing giant waves! -- Tow-in surfing. 
520    Describes how waves form, what moves them, why they are 
       important, how people and animals use them, and the 
       different types, including tidal, rogue, and breaking 
       waves. Who can resist the hypnotic rhythm of the ocean's 
       waves? To understand why the surf and the sea capture us 
       like they do, Waves takes a closer look at the mystery and
       mechanics behind waves. Author Drew Kampion examines how 
       waves form, what moves them, and why they are important.  
       Where do waves come from? Where in the universe are we? 
       Tidal waves, the life cycle of ocean waves. How do waves 
       move? Rogue waves, tsunami, river bore waves, types of 
       breaking waves, beach break waves, reef break waves, point
       break waves, reef pass waves, riding waves, surfing giant 
       waves, a mixture of science and storytelling. Waves: 
       Echoes of the storm captures both the facts and the thrill
       of the ocean's energy. With amazing photographs, original 
       artwork, interesting experiments, and unusual facts, this 
       is a book you won't want to miss. 
650  0 Ocean waves. 
650  0 Wave mechanics. 
650  0 Surfing. 
650  1 Ocean waves. 
650  1 Surfing. 
655  0 Picture books for children. 
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