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028 02 9222|bWiggles Touring Pty. 
040    CCP|cCCP|dIJC|dCIB 
049    CIBA 
110 2  Wiggles (Musical group)|4prf 
245 10 TootToot! /|cThe Wiggles. 
246 3  Toot toot! 
260    [Australia?] :|bWiggles Touring Pty. :|bDistributed by 
       Lyrick Studios,|cp2000. 
300    1 sound disc (39 min.) :|bdigital ;|c4 3/4 in. 
336    performed music|bprm|2rdacontent 
337    audio|bs|2rdamedia 
338    audiodisc|bsd|2rdacarrier 
505 00 |tToot toot, chugga chugga, big red car|g(2:22) --|tLook 
       both ways|g(1:42) --|tDorothy the dinosaur (tell me who is
       that knocking?)|g(1:24) --|tFood poem|g(spoken) (0:12) --
       |tFood food food (Oh how I love my food)|g(2:08) --|tJohn 
       Bradlelum|g(1:14) --|tCaptain Feathersword's raincoat 
       story|g(spoken)|g(0.56) --|tGo Captain Featherwword, ahoy!
       |g(2:18) --|tWah hoo hey, I'm combing my hair today|g(2:
       00) --|tHeads, shoulders, knees and toes|g(2:23) --|tZardo
       zap|g(2:41) --|tHenry the octopus|g(1:26) --|tMove your 
       arms like Henry|g(1:49) --|tDo the wiggle groove|g(2:18) -
       -|tBalla balla intro|g(spoken) (0.15) ;|tBalla balla 
       bambina|g(2:10) --|tI climb ten stairs|g(1:11) --|tWe're 
       dancing with Wags the dog|g(1:22) --|tWags the dog, he 
       likes to tango|g(1:04) --|tCaptain Feathersword fell 
       asleep on his pirate ship|g(1:66) --|tRocket|g(1:50)--
       |tOfficer Beaples' dance|g(instrumental) (1:41) --|tLet's 
       have a ceili|g(instrumental) (2:41). 
650  0 Children's songs|vJuvenile sound recordings. 
935    AEB-3707 
994    E0|bCIB 
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