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100 1  Mitchell, Debby,|d1953-|eauthor. 
245 10 Simple STEAM :|b50+ science, technology, engineering, art,
       math activities for ages 3 to 6 /|cby Debby Mitchell and 
       Marnie Forestieri ; photography by Abel Gomez. 
264  1 Lewisville, NC :|bGryphon House, Inc.,|c[2018] 
300    ix, 94 pages :|bcolor illustrations ;|c28 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
336    still image|bsti|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Subtitle taken from cover. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Science -- Technology -- Engineering -- Art -- Math -- 
       Final thoughts. 
505 00 |gPART 1 Science -|tParachutes -|tRain Clouds -
       |tAnemometer -|tSeed Investigations -|tWorm Habitats -
       |tSorting Trash/Garbage -|tDancing Worms -|tSound Waves -
       |tElephant Toothpaste -|tFrom Seed to Plant -|tLeaf 
       Investigations -|tSoil Erosion  ---|gPART 2 Technology -
       |tWhat Is a Machine? -|tBalance Scale---Exploring Weight -
       |tMake a Solar Oven -|tBuild a Potato-Powered Lightbulb -
       |tMake a Sundial -|tUsing Coding -|tMake a Coloring Robot 
       -|tSmartphone Projector -|tMaking a Magnetic-Powered Car -
       |tBuild a Robotic Hand -|tBuild a Balloon-Powered Train 
       Engine -|tBuild an Abacus -|gPART 3 Engineering -
       |tBuilding Using Recycled Materials -|tUsing Blueprints -
       |tPompom Tunnel Highway -|tStraw Rocket -|tBuild a Zip 
       Line -|tSimple Machines (Lever)---Make a Launcher -
       |tSimple Machines (Wheel and Axle)---Make a Wind-Powered 
       Car -|tSimple Machines (Pulley)---Lift and Lower -|tSimple
       Machines (Ramp/Incline)---Toy Cars -|tSimple Machines 
       (Screw)-Using a Screwdriver -|tSimple Machines (Wedge)---
       Will It Cut It? -|tSimple Machines (Review)---Scavenger 
       Hunt -|gPART 4 Art -|tDarker and Lighter---Shadow Drawing 
       -|tTexture---Sense of Feel -|tColor Mixing---Making Icing 
       -|tPatterns---Making a Caterpillar -|tThree-Dimensional 
       Art---Making a Tree -|tWatercolor Butterflies -|tSteady 
       Beat---Rhythm Sticks -|tDance Painting with Feet -|tMaking
       Faces -|tMusical Jars -|tMaking Suncatchers -|gPART 5 Math
       -|tMaking Predictions---Sink or Float -|tComparing---More 
       or Less (Greater Than or Less Than) -|tSorting/
       Categorizing---Sounds All around Us -|tRoll the Cubes---
       Number Recognition and Physical Activity -|tSorting Fun in
       the Supermarket -|tNature Walk Adventures -|tFamily 
       Reporters -|tPattern Adventures -|tHow Far Will It Go? -
       |tSequence Adventures -|tMeasurement Hunts -|tThe Shapes 
       of Things. 
520    "This book details activities for parents to do with their
       children in the subjects of science, technology, 
       engineering, art, and mathematics"--|cProvided by 
650  0 Science|xStudy and teaching (Early childhood)|xActivity 
650  0 Technology|xStudy and teaching (Early childhood)|xActivity
650  0 Engineering|xStudy and teaching (Early childhood)
       |xActivity programs. 
650  0 Art|xStudy and teaching (Early childhood)|xActivity 
650  0 Mathematics|xStudy and teaching (Early childhood)
       |xActivity programs. 
655  7 Instructional and educational works.|2lcgft 
700 1  Forestieri, Marnie,|eauthor. 
700 1  Gomez, Abel,|ephotographer. 
994    C0|bFLP 
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