LEADER 00000nam  2200000 a 4500 
245 00 Character kit :|bLola Dutch. 
260    Falmouth, MA :|bEarly Childhood Resource Center at 
       Falmouth Public Library :|beec, |cc2019. 
300    1 plush Lola Dutch doll, 6 stick puppets, 2 books and 1 
       laminated guide ;|cin clear vinyl bag. 
490 1  Character Kits 
500    The ECRC is a grant funded by the Massachusetts Department
       of Early Education & Care. 
500    Sponsored and developed by the ECRC at Falmouth Public 
       Library, Character Kits are sets of one or more books and 
       a puppet or plush character that may be used to play with 
       the story and expand upon it.  Designed for one-to-one use
       with pre-readers, using the tenets of Every Child Ready to
       Read® at your library®. 
505 00 |tLola Dutch --|tLola Dutch when I grow up. 
520    "It's the beginning of a new day, and Lola Dutch is 
       bursting with creative ideas! Even if her enthusiasm is a 
       'bit much' for some, with the help of her animal friends 
       she is inspired to make every day amazing!"-- ǂc Provided
       by publisher.  
520    Determined to decide what to be when she grows up, Lola 
       tries several careers before listening to her friend, Bear,
       who reminds her that she need not be in a hurry. 
650  0 Creative ability|vJuvenile fiction. 
650  0 Enthusiasm|vJuvenile fiction. 
650  0 Friendship|vJuvenile fiction. 
650  0 Animals|vJuvenile fiction. 
650  0 Teaching|xAids and devices. 
650  0 Reading|xParent participation. 
650  0 Reading (Early childhood) 
650  0 Preschool children|xBooks and reading. 
650  0 Early childhood education|xParent participation. 
650  0 Child development. 
650  1 Occupations|vJuvenile fiction.  
700 1  Wright, Kenneth,|d1978|eauthor.|tLola Dutch.   
700 1  Wright, Kenneth,|d1978-|eauthor. |tLola Dutch when I grow 
700 1  Wright, Sarah Jane,|eillustrator. |tlola Dutch. 
700 1  Wright, Sarah Jane,|eillustrator.|tLola Dutch when I grow 
710 2  Early Education & Care (Mass.) 
830  0 Character Kits. 
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