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245 04 The Aristocats. 
264  1 Burbank, CA :|bWalt Disney Records,|c[2015] 
264  4 |c©2015 
300    2 audio discs (1 hr., 33 min.) :|bCD audio, digital ;|c4 3
       /4 in. 
336    performed music|2rdacontent 
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338    audio disc|2rdacarrier 
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490 1  The legacy collection 
500    Title from disc label. 
500    Compact discs. 
500    Contains bonus content in CD-ROM form. Computer and 
       internet connection required to access bonus content. 
500    Select lyrics, program notes, and full credits on 
       container insert. 
505 00 |gDisc 1.|tThe aristocrats|r(performed by Maurice 
       Chevalier) --|tThanks Ed ;|tUp the staircase --|tDuet of 
       Micaela and Don José --|tHabanera --|tThe will ;|tKitten 
       fun --|tAlley cat ;|tSleep kitten --|tScales and arpeggios
       |r(performed by Liz English, Robie Lester, Dean Clark and 
       Gary Dubin) --|tNice melody --|tThe butler sneak --|tTwo 
       dogs and a cycle --|tCold nights ;|tNo cats --|tThomas 
       O'Malley cat|r(performed by Phil Harris) --|tCat's love 
       theme --|tCat's meow --|tShe never felt alone --|tIt's the
       butler ;|tHeadlines --|tNine lives ;|tRailroad depot --
       |tSafe --|tThe goose steps high --|tHow romantic ;|tThe 
       goose steps high again --|tHere comes Edgar --|tThe butler
       speaks --|tGit it good ;|tThe butler did it --|tMy Paree -
       -|tEv'rybody wants to be a cat|r(performed by Scatman 
       Crothers, Phil Harris, Thurl Ravenscroft, Robie Lester and
       Liz English) --|tParis night --|tPretty melody --|tMy 
       Paree --|tWhere are my cats --|tFind O'Malley --|tBlue --
       |tCat chase --|tThe butler ;|tAfter her --|tMy Paree --
       |tEv'rybody wants to be a cat (finale)|r(performed by 
       Scatman Crothers, Phil Harris, Ruth Buzzi and Chorus) -- 
505 00 |gDisc 2.|tThe lost chords of the Aristocats.|tHow much 
       you mean to me/ Court me slowly (demo)|r(performed by 
       Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman) ;|tHow much you mean to 
       me/Court me slowly|r(performed by Corey Burton and Kate 
       Higgins) ;|tPourquois? (demo)|r(performed by Richard M. 
       Sherman) ;|tPourquois?|r(performed by Kate Higgins) ;|tMy 
       way's the highway (demo)|r(performed by Richard M. 
       Sherman) ;|tMy way's the highway|r(performed by Randy 
       Crenshaw) ;|tLe jazz hot (demo)|r(performed by Richard M. 
       Sherman) ;|tLe jazz hot|r(performed by Ty Taylor) --
       |tBonus tracks. The Aristocrats (album version)
       |r(performed by the Mike Sammes Singers) --|tScales and 
       arpeggios (album version) /|r(performed by Susan Novack, 
       Gregory Novack, Victor Sweler and the Mike Sammes Singers)
       --|tShe never felt alone (album version)|r(performed by 
       Robie Lester) --|tThomas O'Malley cat (album version)
       |r(performed by Phil Harris) --|tEv'rybody wants to be a 
       cat (album version)|r(performed by Phil Harris and the 
       Mike Sammes Singers). 
511 0  Various performers. 
520    A 2-disc set including over 40 tracks from the movie. 
       Featuring the complete soundtrack available for the first 
       time ever. 
650  0 Motion picture music. 
655  7 Motion picture music.|2lcgft 
730 0  |iMusic for mostion picture (work):|aAristocats (Motion 
830  0 Legacy collection (Walt Disney Records) 
994    C0|bCIB 
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