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003    OCoLC 
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024 1  074646607923 
028 02 CK 66079|bColumbia/Legacy/Sony Wonder 
040    SDE|cSDE 
049    CIBA 
100 1  Silverstein, Shel. 
245 10 Where the sidewalk ends /|crecited, sung and shouted by 
       Shel Silverstein ; all songs and poems by Shel 
250    Anniversary ed. 
260    New York, NY :|bColumbia/Legacy/Sony Wonder,|cp2000. 
300    1 sound disc :|bdigital ;|c4 3/4 in. +|elyrics. 
336    performed music|bprm|2rdacontent 
337    audio|bs|2rdamedia 
338    audiodisc|bsd|2rdacarrier 
500    Children's poems and songs. 
500    Compact disc. 
500    Includes previously unreleased material. 
505 00 |tInvitation --|tEighteen flavors --|tMelinda Mae --|tSick
       --|tIckle me, pickle me, tickle me too --|tEnter this 
       deserted house --|tJimmy Jet and his TV set --|tFor sale -
       -|tWarning --|tYipiyuk --|tCrocodile's toothache --|tStone
       telling --|tRidiculous Rose --|tBoa constrictor --|tPeanut
       -butter sandwich --|tListen to the mustn'ts --|tHug o' war
       --|tSmart --|tForgotten language --|tFarmer and the queen 
       --|tOne who stayed --|tNo difference --|tWild boar --
       |tThumbs --|tSarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout would not take the
       garbage out --|tMy hobby --|tEarly bird --|tMe-stew --
       |tCaptain Hook --|tWith his mouth full of food --|tFlying 
       festoon --|tSilver fish --|tGenerals --|tWorst --
       |tDreadful --|tMy beard --|tLittle blue engine --|tIf I 
       had a brontosaurus --|tOne inch tall --|tLong haired boy -
       -|tRain --|tTrue story --|tHungry mungry --|tStanding --
       |tIf the world was crazy --|tHector the collector --
508    Based on the book of the same title. 
511 0  Shel Silverstein, guitar, vocals ; Dann Huff, synthesizer 
       ; Farrell Morris, percussion. 
650  0 Humorous poetry|vJuvenile sound recordings. 
650  0 Children's songs|vJuvenile sound recordings. 
935    AEF-7339 
994    X0|bCIB 
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