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003    OCoLC 
005    20200303095208.0 
007    vd cvaizu 
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035    (OCoLC)1120127024 
040    KCP|beng|erda|cKCP|dOCLCO|dOCLCF|dIUK|dCIB 
049    CIBA 
245 00 Binge box.|bNickelodeon presents. 
246 30 Nickelodeon presents 
264  1 [Holland, Ohio] :|b[Midwest Tape],|c[2019] 
300    6 videodiscs :|bsound, color ;|c4 3/4 in. ; in 1 multi-
       disc DVD case 
336    two-dimensional moving image|btdi|2rdacontent 
337    video|bv|2rdamedia 
338    videodisc|bvd|2rdacarrier 
344    digital|boptical|gsurround|hDolby Digital|2rda 
344    |boptical|2rdarm 
347    video file|2rda 
347    |bDVD video 
380    Motion pictures|2lcgft 
500    Title from container. 
505 0  Jimmy Neutron boy genius -- Hey Arnold! The movie -- 
       Barnyard -- The Rugrats movie -- The Spongebob Squarepants
       movie -- The wild Thornberrys movies. 
520    A collection of DVDs  all gathered into one "binge box" 
       for a spectacular movie night. 
520    Jimmy Neutron boy genius (G) (2001) (82 min.): A ten-year-
       old boy and his robot dog battle evil, rescue his parents,
       save the Earth, and get home in time for dinner. 
520    Hey Arnold! The movie  (PG) (2002) (75 min.): 
       Nickelodeon's animated series comes to the big screen as 
       fourth-grader Arnold, best buddy Gerald, and the rest of 
       the gang face an industrialist with plans to bring the 
       wrecking ball down on Arnold's neighborhood. 
520    Barnyard (PG) (2006) (89 min.): Move over, all pretenders.
       Here are the original party animals. This laugh-filled 
       adventure stars Otis, a carefree cow who spends his days 
       singing, dancing, and playing tricks on humans. Wild, 
       wacky, and utterly hilarious, here's a herd of animated 
       pranksters that'll keep viewers laughing out loud! 
520    The Rugrats movie (G) (1998) (79 min.): Tommy Pickles is 
       thrust into an impossible situation with the birth of his 
       new brother, Dil Pickles. This new kid is grabbing all the
       attention and won't stop crying. With the help of other 
       toddlers Lil and Phil, Tommy decides that the baby should 
       be returned to the hospital for fixing. The all hop on 
       their little wagon and take a high-speed ride straight 
       into the deep woods where they realize they're lost. 
       Chased around by animals, or so they think, the clan must 
       get home in one piece. 
520    The Spongebob Squarepants movie (PG) (2004) (87 min.): The
       bubbly inhabitants of Bikini Bottom are in trouble. When 
       Plankton steals the secret formula for the delicious 
       Krabby Patty and frames Mr. Krabs for stealing King 
       Neptune's crown, SpongeBob and Patrick step up to try to 
       save their friends. 
520    The wild Thornberrys movies (PG) (2002) (85 min.): While 
       deep in the heart of Africa, Eliza must foil the plans of 
       greedy poachers, and it will take all her courage, 
       strength, and exceptional gifts to do it. Can one small 
       girl save these majestic animals from grave danger? 
538    DVD. 
546    English audio. 
650  0 DVD-Video discs. 
655  7 Feature films.|2lcgft 
655  7 Fiction films.|2lcgft 
710 2  Nickelodeon Animation Studios. 
740 02 Jimmy Neutron boy genius. 
740 02 Hey Arnold the movie. 
740 02 Barnyard. 
740 02 Rugrats movie. 
740 02 Spongebob Squarepants movie. 
740 02 Wild Thornberrys movies. 
994    C0|bCIB 
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