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092 0  |fJ|a591|bCUSICK 
100 1  Cusick, Dawn. 
245 10 Cool animal names :|bporcupine fish, zebra eels, leopard 
       geckos, owl monkeys, giraffe beetles, & 251 other bizarre 
       creatures /|cDawn Cusick. 
260    Watertown, MA :|bImagine Pub.,|cc2011. 
300    80 p. :|bcol. ill. ;|c26 cm. 
500    Includes index. 
520    This book invites laughter and discovery with 256 of the 
       most bizarre animals on the planet. Zebra tarantulas, 
       zebra fish, zebra butterflies, zebra mice, zebra finches, 
       and zebra sharks all have zebra-like stripes, while 
       leopard seals, leopard sharks, leopard toads, leopard 
       tortoises, and leopard geckos have leopard-like spots. 
       Discover weird animals named for their behavior, such as 
       wolf spiders, panther chameleons, and ant lions that stalk
       prey the way their large mammal namesakes do, or animals 
       such as the elephant shrew and elephant fish that were 
       named for their trunk-like appendages. Watch for these 
       cool animals: Mosquito fish, parrot snake, scorpion fly, 
       rhinoceros beetle, spider monkey, alligator turtle, monkey
       moth, peacock shrimp, wolf eel, tiger snake eel, elephant 
       shark, scorpion fish, camel spider, panther chameleon, 
       goat owl, goat moth, worm lizard, elephant octopus, kitten
       moth and so many more. 
521 8  1010L|bLexile 
650  0 Animals|vNomenclature (Popular)|vJuvenile literature. 
650  1 Animals|xNames. 
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